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Missionary to Thailand
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A collection of Pictures from life and ministry


Klepel 2016
Our work


The Klepels have been serving in Thailand for over 30 years. They began ministry in Thailand first as single missionaries. In 1990 they joined their lives and ministries and served together for 26 years, focusing on planting churches, training leaders and compassion ministries.


On December 10, 2016 Gail was suddenly and unexpectedly called home to be with Jesus as she suffered a heart attack while at home in Thailand. At her memorial service the founder and General Superintendent of the Thailand Assemblies of God honored Gail for making history as the longest serving A/G missionary (34 years) and the first A/G missionary to literally give her life for Thailand.


Dan will return to the US for itineration in July this year, and then go back to Thailand in 2018 to move forward with the call and passion that God has given him for Thailand’s 68 million people. Less than 1 % of the population call themselves Christians. Dan will continue to focus on empowering new church plants, training and mentoring leaders, and helping the Christ Mercy School for stateless children.


The network of relationships that Dan and Gail have invested their lives into over the last 30 years provide a very unique platform from which to reach out to the nation of Thailand. God is calling the next generation of Thai young people to give their lives in serving Him and others. Dan is leading the initiative called “Dream Team” to provide a training tract for this next generation of leaders.


In Loving Memory of Gail

On December 10, 2016, Gail Klepel went home to be with Jesus instantly from cardiac arrest while we were at home in Chiangmai Thailand. The loss of Gail, was so sudden and unexpected that there was not even one second to say goodbye. She was immediately ushered into the presence of Jesus without any pain or suffering. Gail served in Thailand for over 34 years. I was privileged to serve 26 of those years together with her.

We commemorated Gail’s life first in a memorial service in Thailand on December 14, 2016, surrounded by over 250 people whose lives had been enriched by Gail's life, love and laughter. Rev. Wirachai Kowae, the founder of the Thailand Assemblies of God gave a very personal and moving message commemorating Gail's life, and recognizing her as the first Assembly of God Missionary to literally give their life in Thailand as a "one way ticket" missionary. He said, when you leave someone, you can say goodbye in two ways. You can say goodbye which means you do not know when or if you will see them again.  Or you can say “ Good Night”  which means “ I will see you in the morning”.

Saying "Goodnight" and "See you in the morning" to Gail so suddenly is indeed hard for me, our family and friends and the lives of so many people that were touched by her life of ministry. Gail invested in the lives of others with love and compassion and with laughter and a smile. She was an inspiration in the life or her husband, Dan and her children, Andrew, Sam and Katie. She will always be remembered for how she lived to serve Jesus and others. I will miss Gail’s life, love and laughter. She was my source of inspiration for life and ministry. Although her home going was so sudden and unexpected, we were doing exactly what God had called and gifted us to do.  That remains my lifelong calling as I return to the USA for one year or Itineration in July 2017 and then back to Thailand in 2018.


We commemorated Gail's life together for a final time with our friends and family in the USA at a Memorial service at Grace Community Church on Wednesday, December 28 in Whittier, CA, followed by the internment at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier CA.


So we say to Gail not good bye… but good  night.. we will see you in the morning.

We invite you to visit Gail's memorial website by clicking on this website link

What we do in Thailand

Church planting

Chiang Khong Church


Akha Tribal  Church at Nong Haa

Leadership Development

Dream Team Youth Leaders

Youth Camps

Compassion Ministries

Maeramat School for Stateless Children

Empowering Dreams Girls Home


Church Planting
Leadership Development
Compassion Ministries
Gail's Memory


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